Characteristics of Oolong Tea


The characteristics of oolong tea are as follows:

1. Rich aroma: Oolong has the characteristics of representative fragrance, richness, long-lasting, sweet aftertaste, and rhyme. Among them, light fragrance and richness are the two most prominent characteristics.

2. The tea soup is bright yellow: The soup color of oolong tea is mostly bright yellow or golden yellow, with a warm and clear feeling.

3. Red edge at the bottom of the leaf: The color of the bottom of the oolong tea leaves is mostly green, but there is red heat at the edge of the leaf.

4. Mellow tea taste: Oolong tea has a mellow and mellow tea taste, with a refreshing fragrance and a sweet aftertaste in the mouth, making the mouth full of natural sweetness.

5. Heavy rhyme and richness: Oolong tea has a strong "charming"

, the taste is rich and layered

6. Mild nature: Oolong tea is not as likely to cause internal heat as green tea, nor is it irritating to the gastrointestinal tract like black tea. Its nature is relatively mild, tea-like

Gentle and will not irritate the human body.

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